The Psychology of Exercise

In Musings, Rants and Explanations on March 25, 2009 at 7:51 am

I am not a personal trainer. I am not certified in any aspect of exercise. I am not a font of knowledge regarding exercise. I know very little about the human body. What I am is a person that is interested in motivation. I am especially interested in motivation with regard to one’s role in and/or starting of an organization. I am interested in why people do what they do. With that said, I am putting together this blog to chronicle my journey to completing a half-marathon in a time that I feel is almost completely impossible for me.

I am certain that there is a great deal of psychology, sociology and anthropology involved in exercise, much as there is in work. I am going to look at many of the different aspects that keep me (or from) exercising. Like many runners out there, I have read the magazines and websites. I have scoured them for interesting training regiments that will allow me to perform better, get in better shape, and manage my weight. I have found these lacking. The instruction by personal trainers is also lacking. Many of these programs are designed for people who will do them.

They are boring. My instinct is that they will provide the best performance results, yet I can not stick to them. How then can I achieve my goals? Let’s find out.


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