In Musings, Rants and Explanations on April 1, 2009 at 1:24 am

Is it exercise if you don’t sweat? As someone who works out in a major SEC school’s Rec Center, I have to ask this. Why show up if you are going to put in 14 minutes of walking on the treadmill at a crawl? I understand if you are obese, older or disabled, and you need to have any physical activity in your life to help improve the quality of that life. But, come on, 19 year old perfectly healthy people should be able to do a little more.

It wouldn’t be such a problem if they wouldn’t always seem to have the prime equipment in the prime spots when I am looking for a treadmill. It kills me. If you want to be seen, just go pace through the weight room. But then I counted, there were 3 guys on the cardio equipment at the time. All of us were almost old enough to have children in the University. Therefore, I’m going to say that I’m pretty sure being seen was not their motivation to be there.

So what is motivating them? I have to believe that it is a misguided notion of youth that they need to exercise, but don’t need to really exercise. Unfortunately, I’m pretty sure that their future battle with age and genetics will eventually catch up with them.


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