The Bleghs…

In Musings, Rants and Explanations on April 1, 2009 at 8:08 pm

Today, when I hit the treadmill I had the bleghs. For whatever reason, I felt blegh. Nothing works when you feel like this. I was winded by 2 minutes. I was tired by 5 minutes and everything after 1 mile took a monumental effort on my part. This doesn’t happen to me too often, but when it does…

The only thing I know to do is keep going. I tell myself, “one more minute.” Then I tell myself that again. Eventually, I have to slow down. It feels blegh.

I refuse to ever leave the treadmill before I have reached my goal distance for that day. I’m not so concerned about pace, but I punish myself for having the bleghs. It must be mental with physical symptoms. Sometimes you feel miserable, and then once you finally bring yourself to run you hit that mile mark and it feels so good. The bleghs are the opposite of that. You feel perfectly normal, looking forward to running, then when you do it…no bueno. I punish myself for this. Finish, the total distance and doing it a significantly increased speed after walking some. You sweat, heave, huff and puff, but then you are done. The bleghs are gone. Tomorrow is another day. You will run it the way you were supposed to tomorrow.


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