Rest day today

In Musings, Rants and Explanations on April 2, 2009 at 11:20 pm

I had a good rest day today. My car is being repaired so I walked up to get it. Turns out they got the wrong part and it wasn’t repaired so I walked back. Total of 1 mile walking.
Well, tomorrow I will be back on the treadmill for a 3 mile run in under 25 minutes. I’m looking forward to it. How do you pick your rest days?
Usually I look at my calendar and try to find the worst day of the week for me to break free. That is almost always my rest day. Sometimes, from experience, I can feel that my body is reaching its limit. When I get there, I usually take the next day off. I try not to take the blegh days off because then more days become blegh days.
That’s just my theory. Once I get back up to 6-10 mile distances, I will take the day off after my longest day. This is helpful. I like to hit the sauna after that long run, and eat a good meal. Also, I try to plan a long run before a day I know I can sleep in. I’m pretty sure it helps recovery.
Here is a good article that I found on Runner’s World awhile back about sleep and recovery.,7120,s6-238-267–8028-0,00.html


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