April 8, 2009

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Time Intervals



I was able to get up yesterday before class and get to the gym. Got a good quick run in and a total of 50 minutes on the treadmill. That makes me feel better. I then had class, drove to Birmingham and caught a plane. I’m thinking tonight will be a late workout, around 6:30ish. I’m going to eat lunch at noon and try to give myself 6 hours to digest. I hate doing this and envision complications this evening, but it is my only option considering that I still need to get sleep today.

  1. I love your blog layout! Had to get that out of the way. Thanks for the advice last week, much appreciated. I don’t think it’s my shoes, I use orthotics and got new shoes in Novemeber that I didn’t really start running on until January (because of a stress fracture, waiting for it to heal fully) and have about 300 miles on them. That said, still having calf pain and it is really worrying me! GRRR.

    • Thanks, I appreciate it, but all I did was use one of the templates. The designer deserves the credit. I try to get out of my shoes at 250 miles, maybe 200 at my current weight. I then use them as walking shoes or to wear around (they still look brand new because I run on a treadmill most of the time) I’ve found the right pair of shoes make the biggest difference in comfort, and I definitely would get a number of opinions with regard to whether you are running in the right shoe for you. Runner’s World has a great article on shoes that I have always referred to…,7120,s6-240-319–268-0,00.html

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