Too pretty today, too much work to do

In Daily Exercise Summary on April 22, 2009 at 2:01 pm

I spent the morning finishing all of the work that I didn’t get through last night. Still not done, but I abandoned my plan to go to the gym in favor of running outside. A beautiful day so I took off through the Forest Lake and enjoyed a nice run just a little over 3.1. No real timing because I haven’t yet purchased the Garmin or the Suunto. Still can’t figure out which one I want, but it was less than 27 minutes from when I walked out the kitchen until I walked in the kitchen. Everybody that I have heard from is using a Garmin. I don’t know if anyone in the world even uses the Suunto, but they can afford a full page ad in Runner’s World every month. So someone must be buying it, I especially enticed by the EPOC features.

The running wasn’t bad and the fresh air was nice. It was warm, but still cool enough to be enjoyable. The weather man said that light rain was occuring but all I could see was sunshine. Feeling good about the 5k. Now I need to start working on the timing and trying to get that pace per mile under 8 minutes. I like the 5k as a base distance. It’s a good exercise, yet easily attainable goal for someone who is just starting to run and may be out of shape. If you do it 4 times a week, you are over 10 miles for the week. I think 10 miles is the minimum distance that someone needs to run to start to develop into a runner. Once, you get to that goal, you can start pressing a little more, but until then, it is a nice safe number.suunto1


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