April 24, 2009 Run

In Daily Exercise Summary on April 24, 2009 at 4:48 pm

Today, the sun was calling and it was just too pretty to run inside. It was supposed to reach 90 degrees today, but it was about 78 when I went out for my run.

It was a good strong run. I’m not sure what my time was, but I ran off a nice 3.1 miler. I do enjoy being able to measure my run’s through mapmyrun. Sometimes the interface is a bit touchy when you are using it, but overall, I like the website. I find it helpful for being able to change up the route, and still knowing how far you run. Even if you have a training aide with gps, it is helpful because it will allow you to design the run beforehand with a particular distance in mind.

I set out today with the intention of working on my form, well it held real strong and I was happy with how it is developing for the first two or two and a half miles. After that it got sloppier, and coming down that last two tenths of a mile, I could barely convince myself to keep my feet moving forward. I used up a lot of energy on the run.


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