April 27, 2009 Workout

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Ab Crunches



Lower Back



Seated Row



A strong run today, if you look back to my last run, I started at 7.0 and increased at the half mile point until I hit 2 miles then I increased for one tenth of a mile, then continued. This time, I took the one tenth of a mile at mile 1.5, so it looked like this: 7.0 for .5 miles; 7.1 for .5 miles; 7.2 for .5 miles; 7.3 for .1 miles; 7.4 for .5 miles. Tomorrow, I will move it down to the 7.2 level. It increases your pace by about a second per mile.

The walk was good to cool down. 8.5 laps on the track. I wanted to run a few distance intervals, but there were at least 30-40 kids on the track at the time. It appeared that they were doing some sort of running/fitness test. There is something to be said for form. I think that I am going to start a vigilant fight against up and down movement in the running form. Everything that I have read states that the top of your head shouldn’t move up/down more than two inches throughout your gait. Also, how much energy does your average runner lose on their back kick. Girls, your feet should not almost touch your butts, I promise this is wrong.

My pace is starting to get in line with what I want to run on the next half-marathon, so I will start adding some distance. I want to do this slowly because I feel like my weight is starting to get in line with my running, so I need to adjust distance so my weight loss will correspond. So, I think next week I will add a 5 miler/8k with a pace of about 8:20 per mile. I will also work to break the 8 minute pace next week. I would be real happy with an 8:15 half-marathon pace. I feel that I need to be training near 7:35 on the treadmill to accomplish that. I also feel strongly that I need to be sub-180 pounds to run at that pace safely.


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