Getting Lost

In Daily Exercise Summary on May 4, 2009 at 1:34 pm

Well today was an interesting day, I woke up a bit late and had a lunch appointment with a friend. I only had about half an hour to run, so I set out on a little 3 mile jog through a neighborhood that I didn’t really know. I used mapmyrun to figure out a route, and I was off.

Well, any idiot may be able to use, but you have to be a little smarter than any idiot to be able to follow directions. So, I took a wrong turn somewhere, and next thing I know the street names are not ringing a bell at all. I know that I am getting longer into the run, but not quite sure how long.

Well I finally realize where I am, and I know that it is at least 2 miles from the house. Who knows what time it is, but just head off in the proper direction now that I at least know where I am. Of course, this is a long busy 2×2 streets with the sun beating down and none of the shelter that the trees had provided when I was in the neighborhood only a few minutes earlier. Also, the wind was stiffer out on the main street because there weren’t as many houses and trees to break it before it got to you. Sometimes, it felt as if you were running in place.

When I finish, I have run a real respectable 4.5 mile run that took more than 30 minutes, but certainly less than 40 minutes. I had wanted to run a longer distance this week, but I had planned to do it when I was able to get on a treadmill. Oh well, tomorrow evening I will get on the treadmill and try to crack the 8 minute a mile pace for 5k.


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