Running in Rhode Island

In Daily Exercise Summary on May 19, 2009 at 9:13 pm

Well once again I managed to mess up the directions from I think from now on I’m going to run and mapmyrun for distance afterwards. This time I erred on the side of brevity. When I was sprinting in to the finish, I noticed there was a little more gas in the tank than I had expected. I thought to myself that I had a really strong run. I also seemed to be back five or six minutes earlier than I would have assumed, but I just figured the clock on my ipod wasn’t working correctly.

No, I turned for home a street or two early and this cut off just over half a mile. I finished 4.4 in just over 37 minutes. It was a good run for me nonetheless, especially after the relative inactivity of last week.  With the load of having to take my comprehensive exams gone, I feel like I can focus a little more on my running. I want to get my weekly average for the next four weeks to just over 20 miles.

I also have to start preparing my dissertation proposal for review, so I still have plenty going on, but I think that running can take a higher priority. Since I started almost two months ago, I feel a lot better and am much more comfortable. I feel that if I had a 10k to sign up for I could do it tomorrow in under an hour. Now that I am increasing my distance substantially on a weekly basis, I feel that by next month I should be able to get under 54 minutes. This is my first race goal. I will get a sub 54 minute 10k. I would then like to get a 45 minute 10k about 2-3 months after the first one. Then on to a half marathon in the fall.

Also, it is getting to be time for new shoes. Luckily, I will be at the Saucony Outlet store on Saturday this week. Let’s see if we can make that happen.


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