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I have been incredibly sick the last couple of days. I plan on running tomorrow and will have two new posts then.


We lost

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Hockey was a blast. We lost 5-3 tonight. I scored a goal, but played ok. It’s funny. My longs were there, but the fast twitch muscles in the leg just would not respond. I think that my legs almost stopped working 5 times tonight.

It’s amazing the difference between skating and running. You can run a good clip for 50 minutes in the morning, but when you play hockey any thing longer than 50 seconds is just stupid. I’m not sure what I was expecting, but I enjoyed it and felt like I could play.

I also ended up playing against a great friend from high school, so now I have a tuesday night hockey game to play with some of those guys too. Pretty sweet night. I’m going to sleep well. No running tomorrow, but a real quick 5k on Saturday morning.

Court Street Bridge

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One of the better views when running out the front door of my house is from the Court Street bridge. It’s also the beginning of the flat leg of my run. That is probably why I like it so much.

It has a unique history. Here is a brief write up from

Originally known as the Hamlet Avenue Bridge, the first bridge at this site was a rickety wooden structure built in 1868. The bridge rested on wooden posts imbedded into rocks at the bottom of the Blackstone River. Thoroughly inadequate for the growing level of traffic entering Depot Square, complaints about this bridge led to calls for the construction of a new, more substantial structure in the early 1890’s.

Construction of the original Court Street Bridge began in 1893. Several buildings on the Main Street had to be moved or demolished to provide access to the bridge from Depot Square. In a novel approach, trusses for this 562 foot bridge were placed below the bridge deck to allow unobstructed of views across the river. When completed in 1895, the new bridge contained 100,000 rivets, 40,000 bolts and weighed 1,850 tons.

The Court Street Bridge was dedicated on June 22, 1895 before a crowd of 15,000. Considering that Woonsocket’s population at the time was 25,000, this was a major community event. The centerpiece was a huge arch that spelled out “City of Woonsocket”. Lights were also strung the length of the bridge. Ceremonies included a parade, band music and speeches by Mayor Aram Pothier and Woonsocket historian Erastus Richardson.

In 1899, the Court Bridge was the starting point for Woonsocket’s first Labor Day Parade. The Industrial Trade Union kept the Labor Day Parade tradition alive through the 1940’s and 1950’s. Recently, the Greater Woonsocket Labor Council and the Museum of Work and Culture have reinstated this 100-year-old Labor Day tradition.

The original Court Street Bridge served as a vital link between Bernon and Depot Square for 104 years until it was demolished with strategically placed explosive charges on January 22, 1999. Its replacement was completed in July of 2000, reestablishing this historic crossing over the Blackstone.

Stretching at Off ‘N Running

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Last evening I went to the stretching clinic at Off ‘N Running that the folks from Fitness Together had. It was informative, and I was introduced to the benefits of the theracane. It is a scary device, yet it made so many parts of your body feel so good.

The smaller the surface space, the more acute the benefit of the massaging action. As compared to the foam roller, which I don’t like at all, the theracane was a welcome relief. We also worked with a roller stick. This seemed to really help on the calves and shins.

They will be having a running specific cross training demonstration next week at 7:15. This time it will be at Fitness Together. Sounds like fun, but I won’t be able to be there because I will be in the middle of a flight.

I would recommend the investment in the theracane…It’s only like 30 dollars.

Hurricane vs. Omni: From the horses mouth

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Thank you for your inquiry.

In answer to your question, the Hurricane and the Omni are both from our stability category.  However, the Hurricane offers a few features that the Omni does not.  The Hurricane has the arch-lock (provides snug midfoot fit), full length progrid (absorbs impact, dissipates shock and provides a seamless transition from heel through forefoot) and impact interface (cushions and isolates heel impact).

Thank you for your patronage of Saucony and I hope this information is helpful.



Consumer Services


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Well over 1,000 views in just over a month. Thanks for your interest.

Bob Timmons, Off ‘N Running, and the Shoe Situation

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Well it’s been a little while since I posted anything other than nonsense about what running I have been doing, and I have a number of posts that I have been meaning to write. I have two product reviews that I need to get posted ASAP, but those are boring anyway, so I will tell the story that I want to tell.

The blog post that I wrote about Bob Timmons has been far and away the most popular blog post that I have posted here. Also, it elicited a request for 100 words to be published in Runner’s World. Of course, I asked them to let me know if they were going to publish the commentary. They did not. So I was not expecting it to make the publication, by the way, if you are going to write anything for a living, you learn to live with rejection. Every writer is rejected, repeatedly. The amateur writer gets rejected once, and never writes anything again. The professional writer works through rejection, in the same manner that you run up a particularly gruesome hill.

I am close to a professional writer. As a ph.d. student, and soon to be assistant professor, the most important aspect of your work is getting published. I get rejected, a lot. So I was ok with this.

Well, we go into Off ‘N Running to buy some detergent, and I quickly get into a discussion regarding why I am wearing Saucony Omnis when the Saucony Progrid Hurricanes look to be a higher end shoe that meets the same specs that I require. I have not answered this question to my satisfaction yet, but after this post, I will be firing off an email to the good folks at Saucony. Well, after going through all of this with the poor girl and she was pretty sure that I had no interest in buying the shoe (not gonna pay full retail price, when there is a Saucony outlet 10 minutes from my mom’s house), we found the new edition of Runner’s World. When I flipped to the Running Commentary section, sure enough there was my 100 words on Timmons. It was right next to Jim Ryun’s thoughts on the letter.

P.S. the girl at Off ‘N Running is very nice, and I try to buy stuff other than my running shoes there because they offer a service to the community that other shoe stores fail to do. I just can’t afford $130 shoes, when I can get them for $75 elsewhere. Regardless, this Thursday, May 7, 2009 at 7:15-8pm, they will be hosting a small training to help explain stretching specific for runners. I will be there. If you are in the Greensboro area, you may want to stop in.

Pretty good for a fat kid that started running two years ago…

Go buy the magazine, but if you don’t get a chance, here is what it said:

As a college coach, I understood the article regarding Bob Timmons relationships with his athletes. What I saw was a teacher trying to impart life lessons through competition. I truly believe that you can not find out the limit of the human spirit until you accept that the only failure is quitting. There are consequences for a devotion to competition, both in life and athletics. I hope that I am correctly teaching my students to walk the line between giving everything that they have towards a goal and nurturing those relationships that define your life.

Tuscaloosa, Alabama

If you got a free hour

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check out this video:
Season 33 : Ep. 8|52:44|
NOVA follows 13 sedentary people through a nine-month regimen designed to prepare them for the grueling Boston Marathon.

Just click on the name to link to the video on

Running Boredom

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Although, I attack this issue through math in my head or working out other problems while I run, a number of people have talked to me about how boring they find running lately. Although, it may just not be the exercise activity for you, or you may simply have this problem with all forms of exercise, you need to deal with this if you hope to train for an endurance event. This is a psychological phenomenon.

I have a few thoughts on this topic:

1) You are doing the same activity over and over. I think this is bread through the simple 12 week training strategies put forth by the running experts, i.e. run for 30 minutes on Tuesday and run for 30 minutes on Thursday.

If you change up your pace, distance, practice method, time of the day, place where you run, what is playing on your ipod, etc., you will be able to overcome this boredom.

2) You don’t like to be alone inside of your head with nothing to do but think for that long of a period of time. Let’s face it, some of our lives do not need to be scrutinized that diligently or they become scary.

In this case I would recommend finding a running partner. Someone to talk to will make this process much easier for you, whenever the bad man in your head comes knocking. If you can’t find a running partner, get an ipod and go real loud. One of the reasons I like the gym so much, is that there is always something else going on or someone to make fun of in your head while you run (con, surely someone is making fun of you in there head).

3) You are running to stay in shape because you no longer play competitive sports.

If this is the case, you need to either compete or deal with the boredom. Running can be competitive; actually it is more competitive than most sports. You have so many competitors in running. There is the person on the treadmill next to you, there is your personal record, and there is no limit to people or things you can run against.

I also found an article through men’s health that deals with this issue.

Flight Home

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So yesterday I had to fly back to Alabama, always a terrible feeling. On the ATL to BHM segment, I sat next to a runner who had finished Boston earlier that day. He had just run his 8th Boston. Impressive.

So I was ready to run today, I even got new ear buds. Then I got dressed at the gym and couldn’t find my shoes. I never took my running shoes out of my luggage. Ugh. So that was for naught. I figured no big deal, I will come back in a few hours. Well, the gym was closed this evening for worker appreciation night. Nice.

So I’m looking forward to running tomorrow. I also have very little scheduled so I will be able to go in when I wake. I love that. Nothing like starting your day with a good run.