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Hit the Gym Today

In Daily Exercise Summary on May 15, 2009 at 11:05 pm

Well after a nice 1.75 mile walk early this afternoon, I hit the gym for a run. Instead of running 5 miles, I decided to run the amount of time it would take me to run 5 miles at my target pace of 8 minutes per mile. It was tough for the last 5 or 6 minutes. Really had to push hard to keep going. Then I walked for 12 minutes after that.

The run was 4.73 miles. That means I have just over a quarter of a mile to make my target pace. If you figure it would have taken me another 2 minutes 10 seconds to finish the fifth mile, we potentially could have run the 8k in 42:10 or so. The walk afterward was about .63 miles.

Summer Wishlist:

I have to head to Virginia tomorrow and then on to Rhode Island monday. I will be spending the summer away from school, but I have plenty of work to do. I would like to finish this summer with a 10 mile run that approaches 1:15. I would like to have the first three chapters of my dissertation done. I would like to have my first publication accepted. I would like to have a few options for the following year that don’t involve the state of Alabama.


Flight Home

In Musings, Rants and Explanations on April 22, 2009 at 12:07 am

So yesterday I had to fly back to Alabama, always a terrible feeling. On the ATL to BHM segment, I sat next to a runner who had finished Boston earlier that day. He had just run his 8th Boston. Impressive.

So I was ready to run today, I even got new ear buds. Then I got dressed at the gym and couldn’t find my shoes. I never took my running shoes out of my luggage. Ugh. So that was for naught. I figured no big deal, I will come back in a few hours. Well, the gym was closed this evening for worker appreciation night. Nice.

So I’m looking forward to running tomorrow. I also have very little scheduled so I will be able to go in when I wake. I love that. Nothing like starting your day with a good run.