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Cool new stuff from Saucony

In Running Gear on June 7, 2009 at 8:25 pm


So I decided to try out the Hurricanes, and I have officially made the switch from the Omnis to the Hurricanes. I didn’t like the way the Progrid Hurricane 11 looked, so I went with last year’s model. Unfortunately, the new change to the shoe where it holds your heel in place is not included in this version of the shoe. I am anxiously awaiting the release of the 12 because I’m hoping that it is more aesthetically pleasing and contains the new heel feature. As you can tell from my blog, I like Saucony.

The shirts were on sale. I promise that they are two different styles. They look similar in the picture, but in real life are quite different. One of the shirts is protected with a rating of 50 spf. The other allows significantly more breathing. Oddly enough, if it were real sunny and hot, I would prefer to wear the shirt that didn’t have the sun protection.

Both shirts are very comfortable and fit well. I like the way they look and they feel great. Couldn’t ask more from a sale. Probably need to go grab a couple more pairs of shorts, but I will need shoes quickly because I am only running on one pair at this time. It is an economic depression.


Outside today

In Daily Exercise Summary on April 3, 2009 at 3:09 pm

Well despite the fact that I prefer to run on treadmill’s every once in a while it is significantly more convenient to run outside.

Today was the perfect day. I took a 3.12 mile run in 62 degree temperature. With the sun out, I enjoyed every minute of the fresh air. I ran the 3.12 in 26:30 for an 8:29 pace. It is just about at my average of 10 seconds longer per mile when I transition from treadmill to land.

The sun felt real good today. The tank was pretty much on empty when I finished, and besides the normal soreness from pounding the pavement, my legs and joints felt great. The University of Alabama is a lot of things, but on a spring day like today it is certainly beautiful. Everything is starting to bloom, and the air is clean.

You could hear the jets preparing for the airshow tomorrow in Northport (across the river), but you couldn’t see them yet. Yesterday, the blue angels buzzed the school. What a noise that is. If you haven’t seen them perform, it is worth your while to check them out if you ever have the chance. We get fly bys for all of our football games in the fall, but it is a bit out of the ordinary to get them on a spring day.

I’m stuck inside today working on paper’s for an upcoming conference so the fresh air was a welcome change, but I did do a little research on sun damage (with all the news of Vitamin D versus skin cancer as of late), and I was able to find a great recent post by the running doc. Wear your sunscreen. His blog has recently been added to my blog roll.